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well, this was him. http://blogs.creativeloafing.com/cribnotes/2009/06/23/rip-shock-artist-joe-christ-linhart-1957-2009/
don't know why i feel the need to document it, but i do. i guess because jonathan is on any other social networking site i am on, and he might get weird or jealous (yes, over a dead guy, who i was over years ago). i hate having to answer to questions sometimes, i suppose.
despite what i said, joe could be quite entertaining. (sometimes overboard) he also cooked and cleaned when he lived with me. lol. don't get much of that now. lol. it's all good.
i still feel really weird. i had a lot of trouble sleeping last night, but i'm sure i'll sleep fine tonight.
and the fucker had the audacity to die in his sleep on fathers day. the article is right, he probably is or would be laughing if he knew this. of course, it is rather funny, in the dark humour kind of way. 8D

my rainbow

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and so

i could not continue that blog with talk of my life, so i had to do separate one.
so hmmmm. it's been quite a while. what to say? i went to cali a couple of weeks ago on the spur of the moment. my brother had viral meningitis and was in the hospital a few days. my sister had some buddy passes that someone else had given her, so i flew for free. of course by the time i was there a week later, he was considerably better, aside from the constant headache and fatigue. it was great excuse to go hang out for 4 days with the people from my alternate life. that being my brother, my best friend maura, and my other pal lucy. i always get really sad when i come home, though i could never leave my kids. you see, 8 years ago, i was planning to move back there when laura turned 18 the next year. instead, bam! i was pregnant by the next spring. so my life got all flipped around and i got gifted with this new life. but deep inside, there is a large chunk of me that relates more to myself in that setting with my cynicism and wit ruling me.
but anyway... don't think i resent my kids or anything. they are my life. i just feel a little out of place in my life.
my kids. picsCollapse )


i suppose i have been awol from my main internet activities. i was just pondering this while leaving a comment to the lovely marianne the shedlady, and realized that maybe my lack of focus on everything might be fixed by sitting down and typing out thoughts.
so, where the hell have i been? damned if i know. both girls are in school now, and i have the hours while they are at school "free". however, for some reason, i can't ever seem to get my house completely clean, i never have time to stop on here and do updates. hell, i can't even finish a book. and there are countless things i need to do that i keep putting off. maybe i read too much news and my insides are always churning from the sensationalized garbage that is our media. i know one thing, i am ready for this goddamned election to be over. only 2 more days on that. yayyy. i just want to know the outcome, though i still expect the capitalist - i mean republican party to rig the vote. i am sick of all the slander that has been going on, especially from the republican side. our nc senator actually is running an ad against her opponent talking about the godless americans. this ad actually has an actress with a similar voice to kay hagen saying, "there is no god."

now you all know, that i believe there is no god, but i am not kay hagen, who is a sunday school teacher and an elder at her church. so this is outright slander, which, btw, kay hagen is suing elizabeth dole over.
so libby the cunt revised the ad, but it is still talking in sneering terms about godless americans. hello bitch! i am godless, but i am a better person than many xtians i know. uggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggh.


iona's life plan

so iona recently informed me that when she grows up, she's going to make a shrink ray and make herself a kid forever and then she's going to work at whole foods. i asked her if she didn't want to capitalize on her invention, but she said, "no, i'll just work at whole foods."


some thing make me laugh

this article made me laugh. it's my sick sense of humour. yes, it would be horrifying to see, but really if your drug makes you this stupid, maybe you should start smoking weed instead.


Current mood: amused

i thought i would update my mp3 player, seeing as how i have not done so in over 2 years. we have a 2 drawer metal file cabinet beside the computer that we are supposed to keep stuff that is useful and needed around the computer. in looking for the cord to connect the player to the computer, this is what i found.
a westell modem
7 phone cords
2 universal power cords
a palm pilot that doesnt' work (back when they were 2 tone screened
the cradle to that palm pilot
4 random power cords to past implements
an outdated nokia cellphone and power cord
2 printer to computer cables
1 printer power cord
4 pieces of cable cord (i thought i had cleared that out)
2 fucked up head phones
4 present implement cords

but no cord for my mp 3 player. dammit.

wtf????? where did this shit come from? i used to always move to spring clean. (or whatever season it was)
we've been in this house 4 years.

more fucked up news

as fucked up and close to my heart as my last post was, i believe this one is even worse. Mom says teacher let classmates vote autistic son out of class
yes that's right. to punish him, a child in kindergarten who has asperger's syndrome was voted out of class, weakest link style. then the teacher had each student say what they did not like about the kid. the kid has not been back to school since. every time his mother takes his sibling to school, he screams when she pulls up to the school.
this is not a suitable form of punishment. children, even moreso than adults are so vulnerable. i understand that a kid with discipline problems is frustrating, but to publicly ridicule him is not only unprofessional, it is downright cruel.
what i want to know is why this teacher has not been fired, or even suspended.
so, i'm taking opinions on this one too.

May. 25th, 2008

since i did that last post, i thought i would do a sweetened condensed version of an update, and where, floating among particles, i have been.
i can't even think of the timeline.
i think as of my last post, jonathan was out of work with a broken hand and had surgery on his hand.
and i think i mentioned the 7 acres of land his stepfather gave us. it turns out we probably will not be able to do the http://www.earthship.net/. it is difficult to get financing for this, and with our crappy credit, impossible. i know, it's made out of mainly recycled materials, and yet... we just are not able to bank enough money to do this. (not entirely given up) we do want to at least do passive solar. it will be a while before we can start, as the land is currently rented out of hay production. (well, not the 2 acres of woods, but we can't really build in there.
my brother and his daughter visited and all the kids had loads of fun. first my girls packed their backpacks, planning to go home with them. when i told them it was too far, then olivia decided she was going to stay here. it was cool they had so much fun.
we went to the kinston 5 times in 2 weeks. ouch. kinston is 86 miles away, so that meant a majority of a tank of gas for each trip. fucking gas prices.
we went to the beach.
jonathan went back to work last monday.
my camera is on its last legs.
i planted tomatoes and squash, basil, and jalapenos. for some reason, all my cilantro diappeared. oh well, i'll plant more. my oregano from last year is getting fairly large. anyone need some oregano? my rosemary is coming alogn as well.
i worked an extra shift almost every week while jonathan was out. why do things fall apart while i'm at work?
fuck. i did have more to say, but i can't think.
i have to start posting a little more. my brain is cosntipated from no writing.